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Selected Publications

2023 - Coming soon...


Phạm, T. T. T.; Ghimire, A.; Simmons, J. R.; Song, Q.; Sulekha, A.; and Rainey, J. R, (2021) Handbook of Molecular Biotechnology. Chapters: 2.1 Protein Extraction (e.g., from cell/tissue sources); 2.3.5 HPLC; 3.1 Protein Extraction; 3.3.5 HPLC

Phạm, T. T. T.; Rainey, J. K, (2021) On-cell nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to probe cell surface interactions. Biochem and Cell Biology.



2023 - Coming soon...


Dal Faculty of Grad Studies Weekly Newsletter - BIPOC Mentorship Graduate Students Council cohort

Dal Gazette interview of DSU LGBTQ+ Students’ Rep Candidate: Tam Pham.


Science World Interview #LGBTQSTEMDAY with Tam Pham.

BIPOC in STEM: An Online Panel on QAtCanSTEM.

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